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Name: Charlie Rountree III
Club or Company: The Rountree Group, LLC. (Public & Governmental Affairs)
Position: President
Years in Industry:
Previous Employers:

C. C. of Lexington (shagging range balls, parking carts, fishing golf balls from the creeks and ponds); Safety-Kleen

Volunteer positions include: Past President SC Golf Association; USGA Regional Affairs and Junior Amateur committees; Heritage Classic Foundation Trustee (RBC Heritage presented by Boeing); SC Junior Golf Foundation board; SC Waterfowl Association board

Coastal Carolina University (golf one year, not good enough), University of South Carolina
Hobbies & Interests:
Golf, hunting, and fishing
My Favorites
     Movie: Meet John Doe
     Music: Hootie and the Blowfish, country
     Meal: Steak and potatoes

Funniest thing that's
ever happened on the job:    

Rookie rules official, US Junior Championship, Forest Highlands, Flagstaff Arizona. First round, first hole, number ten a par three. A kid is playing on the putting green so I had to run up and ask him to leave the green where play could start. Bryce Molder (PGA Tour) is in the group and he is the first to putt. His caddie motions to me as he is tending the "Pin" Where I observed "moose dung" in the "cup" and radioed Clyde Luther USGA official in charge that the kid that was playing on the green had been picking up dung and smashing it into the "cup". I got nothing from my broadcast so I repeated my message. Mr. Luther responded by asking me to repeat the question. Upon repeating he said Mr. Rountree if by reference to the "cup" you mean "hole" then I would advise you to clean the "blank" out of the hole, replace the "flagstick" and continue play. Welcome to the USGA, where a sand trap is a bunker, a pin is a flagstick, and a cup is for coffee. 

Charlie Rountree III