Member Profile

Name: Alton "Butch" Sheffield
Club or Company: North Ridge Country Club
Position: Director of golf maintenance and grounds
Years in Industry: 48
Previous Employers:

Keith Hills Golf Club and Country Club of NC

Wayne Community College and Sandhills Community College
Hobbies & Interests:
Golf, fishing, and my grandchildren
My Favorites 
     Movie: Any John Wayne movie
     Music: 60's
     Meal: Salmon, salad, and tea

Funniest thing that's
ever happened on the job:    

I was playing with a member one day and we were walking to the #8 Oaks course, which has a pond in front, and Bobby decided to retrieve his ball. It is a steep bank and as he reached down to retrieve his ball he slowly slid into the pond howling "Help Butch! Help Butch!" 

Alton "Butch" Sheffield