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Name: Rick Henderson
Club or Company: Greenville Turf & Tractor
Position: Territory Sales Manager
Years in Industry: 26 years
Previous Employers: Skybrook Golf Club, Old Chatham Golf Club, Legacy Golf Links
Virginia Tech
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My Favorites 
     Movie: Goodfellas
     Music: Drive By Trackers
     Meal: Shrimp and Grits

Funniest thing that's
ever happened on the job:    

I was in a rush to spray greens one morning because I had an assistant superintendent candidate scheduled for an interview that morning. I pulled up to the back of an elevated greens complex and, in a rush, hopped off to grab the flag stick without setting the park brake. The sloshing of water caused the sprayer to move and when I turned around there was no catching it. The sprayer rolled down the hill backwards with booms down. When it hit the tree line it wrapped the booms all the way around the machine and stripped every nozzle off the machine. I rode that wounded beast into the shop only to arrive at the same time as my interviewee.

Rick Henderson laughs

Rick Henderson