Member Profile

Name:  Brian Stiehler, CGCS
Club/Company: Highlands Country Club
Position: Superintendent
Years in Industry: 19
Previous Employers: Reading CC, Oakmont CC, Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland, Augusta National
College: Penn State University
Hobbies/Interests: Fly fishing, golf, spending time with my wife and 9 year old daughter
My Favorites:
     Movie: One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
     Music: James Taylor
     Meal: Anything from Mountainfresh Grocery in Highlands
Funniest thing         
that's ever  
happened on the job:           
Too many to name just one. Probably as a 15 year old in 10th grade, working at a small public course in Reading PA, my best friend (also currently super at Roaring Gap Club who shall remain nameless) would hide in a bunker on the 3rd hole and throw golf balls up onto the green inches from the cup. The bunker and green were hidden from the tee so it was fun seeing the folk's reactions to a near hole in one. I probably shouldn't have admitted to that but I am in a far away state!

Brian Stiehler, CGCS