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Name:  Vance Whicker
Club/Company: Carolina Turf Products, Summerfield, NC
Position: Partner
Years in Industry: 25
Previous Employers: I started out with Carolina Turf Products in 1989.  Before that I was a salesman for a furniture business out of Hickory, NC for 24 years.  I covered nine states.
College: Eastern Carolina University, business administration with a minor in psychology.  I played on the golf team and we won the Southern Conference Championship.
Hobbies/Interests: I'm an outdoor guy.  I love golf, fishing on the coast, working in the garden.  I like to see things grow.
My Favorites:
     Movie: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
     Music: Bluegrass, country and oldies
     Meal: Fried bluefish on fishing trips with my brother and my cousin.  We do the fish in the House Awtry seafood breader and fry it in peanut oil and it's out of this world.  We enjoy a variety of our favorite beverages. 
Funniest thing         
that's ever  
happened on the job:           
Years ago Gary Stafford and I went up to Blowing Rock Country Club to play when John Greene, CGCS was superintendent there. This really heavy fog rolled in and you could barely see in front of you but we wanted to play so John said he would go on down each fairway and call out to us so we had some idea where to hit it. Honestly, the fog was thick I remember Gary walking off one tee and just gradually disappearing like Jesus walking into a cloud. But the real miracle of the day was that we never lost a ball and it wasn’t because we were hitting it so good it was in the middle of the fairway all the time. Somehow John managed to locate every single shot for us.

Vance Whicker