Member Profile

Name:  Brooks Turner
Club/Company: Greensboro Country Club
Position: Golf Course Superintendent, Farm Course
Years in Industry: Golf industry, since I was 11, so 27 years in some capacity
Previous Employers: Sedgefield Country Club and World Tour Golf Links
College: BS from Appalachian State and AAS from NCSU
Hobbies & Interests: Golf and family
My Favorites
     Movie: Tommy Boy and Caddyshack
     Music: Today's pop hits, but you never know what will be playing in the truck, could be Metallica to Vivaldi!
     Meal: Most people who know me would say ANYTHING! I would say sashimi tuna and filet!
Funniest thing        
that's ever  
happened on the job:           
There are too many to just pick one! The one that stands out the most was when I was working at World Tour and one of the guys going to Horry Tech was kind of arguing with Joel Ratcliff (we all know that wasn't a good decision!) So Joel told him, “because I've killed more grass than you will ever grow!"

Brooks Turner