Member Profile

Name: Jay Johnson
Club or Company: Smith Turf & Irrigation Co.
Position: Territory Manager, GC Irrigation Products
Years in Industry: 31 years
Previous Employers:

Arcadian Shores GC and Belle Terre GC

Horry Georgetown Technical College
Hobbies & Interests:
Fishing, Fantasy Football.  All sports.  Especially college football....sorry but not a Tiger.
My Favorites
     Movie: Training Day,  Now You See Me
     Music: All types depending on my mood
     Meal: Sushi grade Tuna

Funniest thing that's
ever happened on the job:    

Parachuters were attempting to set a Guinness Book of World Records jump for the most people connected to each other during a jump. I'm talking hundreds. They were using Kinston Plantation as a base and this Resort is right beside Arcadian Shores. On one day of their attempts the wind picked up pretty good and parachuters were landing in trees, ponds, on golf carts, etc. Took them 3 days, but they did finally set the record. 

Jay Johnson