Member Profile

Name:  Bill Kennedy, CGCS
Club/Company: Chechessee Creek Club
Position: Director of Maintenance
Years in Industry: 24 years
Previous Employers: Reynold's Plantation, Jennings Mill CC, Moss Creek Plantation, Spring Island Club
College: ABAC, UGA
Hobbies & Interests: Fishing, swimming, anything to do with water activities
My Favorites
     Movie: Godfather (dramas), Ferris Bueller's Day Off (comedys)
     Music: Old Rock
     Meal: Seafood as long as it is fresh
Funniest thing        
that's ever  
happened on the job:           

I was teaching the crew directional mowing 6-12; 1-7; 2-8, etc. when I first arrived at Moss Creek.  I arrived at the PG and an employee was staring at his watch.  I asked what the hold up was.  He said I don't get it.  It turned out he had a digital screen on his watch.  I also had an employee circle cut a green that same day.  Good times!!

Bill Kennedy, CGCS