Member Profile

Name: Kent Taylor
Club or Company: Southern States Cooperative
Position: Sales
Years in Industry: 39
Previous Employers: Santee National Gold Club, Calhoun Country Club, Verdae Greens Golf Club, Long Cove Club
Cataba Valley Community College
Hobbies & Interests:
Fishing, golf
My Favorites
     Movie: Shawshank
     Music: Alternative
     Meal: Fish

Funniest thing that's
ever happened on the job:    

While working on a course in the mid-state I had an employee that was not the sharpest tool in the shed.  The advantage was I knew it and adjusted to my normal instructions.  One day I had Herk in the bottom of a huge wash-out that had rotting stumps in the bottom.  My instructions were to take a shovel full of dirt and fill in the hollow spot around the stump before we put drainage in.  I was driving the loader bringing dirt to the edge of the wash-out.  Twice I came back to the wash-out and Herk was doing something other than what I had asked of him and I explained again what I wanted him to do. On the third trip, I very calmly ask him why he wasn't doing what I asked and he replied that he had warned me about using big words around him.  I asked him what word had I used that he didn’t understand.  He said” hollow”, what do you mean by hollow?  I looked at him and cupped my hands together and said that a tennis ball is hollow, which he replied a tennis ball is yellow.  It’s hard to reason with that logic.

Kent Taylor