Carolinas Caring Center

To care for the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of our members of the Carolinas GCSA.  To put a mechanism in place to meet the needs associated with illness, injury, and bereavement, and to encourage and celebrate personal milestones.

Events and Links


SiteOne Landscape Supply is holding a golf tournament fundraiser for the “Bill Cyrus Kitchen Fund” on Friday June 24 at Arrowhead CC in myrtle Beach SC.  As you will see below, SiteOne is donating $10,000 to this fund!!  Additionally, Bayer, Syngenta, BASF, FMC, and Dow, in association with other SiteOne vendor partners are helping to cover the cost of this event so that all tournament entry money will go to the “Bill Cyrus Kitchen Fund”.  We are asking for as many golfers/teams as possible to enjoy the fellowship and be a part of supporting this cause!  If you can’t attend the golf event then please consider donating any amount to the link you will see below.
Two years ago, Bill and Eileen Cyrus set out on a goal to help their Church in efforts to raise money to construct a commercial kitchen to serve the local community.  The family would like to continue that goal and there has been link has been set up for those who would like to donate any amount of money to the Bill Cyrus Kitchen Fund at the Christ United Methodist Church in Myrtle Beach, the link is
In addition to the efforts above, and in Bill’s honor SiteOne Landscape Supply will be re-naming their golf event that is normally a part of the Summer Slam series to the ‘Bill Cyrus Memorial’ golf event.  The funds raised through registration will be presented to Eileen during the awards ceremony.  SiteOne will be kicking off those fundraising efforts with a $10,000.00 donation! 

Click here for a registration form that details how you can join with us in helping to close the gap on the goal of building that kitchen.

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