Bennett-Maples Scholarship

The Carolinas GCSA is calling for applications for the 2023 Bennett-Maples Scholarships. The scholarship program provides financial support for the college education of children and legal guardian grandchildren of qualifying Carolinas GCSA superintendent and assistant superintendent members. In 2021, 24 successful applicants each received grants of $1,000 and in 2022, 19 successful applicants each received grants of $1,000.

“The program has grown and grown in terms of both participation and giving,” Carolinas GCSA executive director Tim Kreger says. “It is now a very competitive program which is a credit to the next generation, and to their parents and grandparents, those people who are our members.” Partly for that reason, the scholarship committee is refining some application criteria. The application deadline is Monday, May 1, 2023 but applications must be received by email, in complete form, by 5 PM EST that day.  Applications received after 5 PM EST on Monday,  May 1 WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.   Be sure to review the last page of the application for guidelines on submitting your packet. 

“Obviously, there is a lot of work entailed in processing the applications,” Kreger says. “To be fair to all concerned, we now ask that everyone submit their complete application package by the new deadline. In the past, we tried to be as accommodating as we could, but the sheer volume of applications means we can no longer accept applications delivered in stages. Only applications delivered in complete form will be considered.”

To be eligible, the applicant’s parent or grandparent, who is the applicant’s legal guardian, must be an active Class A, B, C, A-retired, B-retired, or AA current member of the Carolinas GCSA.

The Bennett-Maples Scholarship honors Grant Bennett and Henson Maples, who helped found the Carolinas GCSA at Myers Park Country Club in Charlotte, NC in 1954.

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